Needing to seek the advice of a doctor can be a unsettling experience, but doesn’t have to be. Below are a few words from previous patients I have treated. I hope these help you decide if I am the right doctor for you.

Dr Carolyn Bell

When I suffered severe back pain and needed a specialist to diagnose the cause, I was fortunate to find Dr Carolyn Bell. Her courteous and friendly manner put me at ease. The thorough examination, x-ray and her extensive diagnostic skills were able not only to diagnose the cause of my back pain but also other medical conditions which needed attention.

I was referred to two other specialists for the other medical conditions. All the doctors I saw including my own GP commented on how good a doctor she is.

I hope my experience will help anyone who needs a Consultant Rheumatologist to consider seeing Dr Bell as I believe she has good diagnostic skills and is a dedicated practitioner of her profession.

I was referred to Dr Bell for suspected gout in my ankle. She could not have been nicer or easier to talk to.

Throughout the consultations she listened carefully to everything without ever rushing me, however trivial it might have seemed, and she explained everything in terms that were easy to understand. She went straight to the heart of the trouble in her suggested diagnosis, and everything was borne out by the subsequent scan.

Above all her personality makes her a truly accessible doctor and one to whom I would not hesitate to return should the occasion arise. I would recommend her without reservation to any friend needing similar treatment.

At my initial appointment with Dr. Bell I felt understood for the first time in months. She asked the right questions and was very thorough. At the time I was very surprised of all the questions she asked, as I did not think some of these pains I have been experiencing for years, would be related. However, Dr. Bell proved me wrong. Dr. Bell was very understanding and patient and took her time during the appointment, I didn’t feel rushed. At the follow up appointment she unfortunately had to give me the rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. I’m now awaiting further treatment with Dr. Bell via the NHS. I was very happy to remain with Dr. Bell under the NHS treatment as I felt understood and trust her ability in finding the right treatment.

Dr Carolyn Bell is the most thorough consultant I have seen. I am so glad my surgery recommended her to me .

My visit to Dr Bell was a calm and informative experience. In a friendly, but professional manner, she explained in plain language what I needed to know, what my options were and my choices of treatment and help for the future.

Where to see Dr Bell

Dr Bell holds practicing privileges at the Spire Southbank Hospital, Worcester and BMI The Droitwich Spa Hospital, Droitwich providing weekly private rheumatology clinics. For further information or to book an appointment to see Dr Bell click here.