The management options for rheumatic conditions are varied and tailored to your needs. Dr Bell will advise you on the treatment options available and reach a treatment plan with you.

Some treatments involve medication in tablet form, topically (for example pain relief gels directly applied to the skin) or injections (e.g. steroid commonly called ‘cortisone’ injections).

However there are many non-drug treatments available for musculoskeletal conditions and sometimes surgery may be an option.

Drugs, including pain killers

Topical therapies

Ultrasound guided injections

Occupational (hand) therapy




Lifestyle changes

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Where to see Dr Bell

Dr Bell holds practicing privileges at the Spire Southbank Hospital, Worcester and BMI The Droitwich Spa Hospital, Droitwich providing weekly private rheumatology clinics. For further information or to book an appointment to see Dr Bell click here.